After the launching of our mobile site (example below) we've been working hard on making easier for you to access and keep you connected with the notorious L.A scenery and its street art. 



Now on the other hand if you’re still wondering what those funny black-and-white squares are, and what they’re for, here’s a quick introduction.



QR codes are an increasingly-popular way of converting data like website addresses into a form that can be easily scanned. Thus, it’s possible to publish a website address in print, and readers can go to that address without having to type in the address.

For example, users can have the camera on their phones scan a QR code from a print ad, a business card, or a computer screen. Once scanned, the scanner software on the phone will read the data and ask the user what to do — most likely, open the website address embedded in the code.


Which is exactly what we have done. We created our own QR code for you to use on the go. If you're viewing our galleries on your work pc and have to run for whatever reason we have the code for you to scan and take our site on the go. You can then continue browsing through our site on your mobile device while waiting for the bus. I forgot to mention this will only work if you own a smart phone.




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